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Missouri Teen's Mom Shares Gruesome Details Of Son's Covid-19 Death...



His condition worsened suddenly on Saturday 31 October when he began to hemorrhage.

"He had this big coughing fit and he basically started to hemorrhage in his chest.

"The surgeons were trying to replace the ECMO and they were doing CPR to help circulate his blood because his pulse was so weak and his oxygen levels were so low."

As doctors desperately tried to replace the ECMO tubes in Peyton’s neck, the blood that had pooled in his...


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In The News

New Covid-19 Strand Threatens The World

New strand of Covid-19 has surfaced, scientist say it's more dangerous because it spreads quicker and easier, and fear they don't have enough time to study the mutation in time to mitigate it's damage. London's Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty says:


"As a result of the rapid spread of the new variant, preliminary modelling data and rapidly rising incidence rates in the South East, the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (NERVTAG) now consider that the new strain can spread more quickly." Suffers Major Hack Attack launched December 1, 2020 without a hitch, but the first sign of trouble came not long after when the site was down December 2, 2020, then again on December 7, 2020, and has been down every since. We reached out to The Wilson-Bey Group Multifaceted for answers and a rep for the company stated:


 "The site suffered a malicious hack attack, no further comment."

When pushed for more information about when the site would reopen or if the site would reopen, the rep refused to elaborate.

Beloved Actor Tommy "Tiny" Lister Dies

Hollywood and fans of the “Friday” and “Next Friday” movies mourn the death of Tommy “Tiny” Lister, who played the beloved bully character “Deebo” in the comedy franchise, alongside actors Ice Cube and Chris Tucker. He also played President Lindbergh in “The Fifth Element,” and Zeus in “No Holds Barred.” The 6’5” college shot-putter turned-actor was born blind in one eye, and also had a brief professional tag-team wrestling career.


Lister was found dead in his home in Marina Del Rey, California. He was 62. After having the coronavirus a few months ago, in the days before his death, family members report he was experiencing deteriorating COVID-like symptoms again.

Salvage Company Finds Submarine 

The USS R-8 was a U.S. Navy sub that was used for target practice at the end of its life in the 1930, The Baltimore Sun reported Thursday.

Atlantic Wreck Salvage said that it identified the wreck using sonar as well as historical records. The firm said the R-8 is one of a few American submarines that's in waters on the East Coast and yet to be located.

“It appears from the sonar images that the site will reveal a very well-preserved example of an R-class submarine in existence anywhere," said Cpt. Eric Takakjian, a member of the R-8 recovery team.

Garry Kozak, a sonar expert who looked over the data, said there's little doubt that the R-8 has been located.

Dolles Moving After 100 Years

Rumors swirled for a couple weeks, and now it's been confirmed by the owner of the legendary salt water taffy company, that they are in fact moving. But not like you think, with the rent for corner spot they've held for 100 years doubling, they say it's not economically in the budget. The new location is just two doors down at the old 'Candy By The Sea'. 

In Case You Missed It

Atlantic City Gets Ready To Auction Shamed Casino

For the right price, you can hit the kill switch on the demolition button and take over the profitable location of Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The city will be auctioning deal.

Mastro's Malibu, CA Are Defiantly Keeping Doors Open

Despite California Governor's no dining orders, this lush restaurant for the wealthy have decided otherwise, as the reservations continue to be scheduled and tables continue to be full every night. No word on any legal action or fines by the state or the county. 


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