Emerald Wilson-Bey Gears Up For Release Her Of New Dating Site

shares never-before-told details of her dating history

Founder & CEO Emerald Wilson-Bey

"It was like a second divorce, I was so lonely, and I felt afraid to meet anyone....." - Emerald


In 2009, Emerald Wilson-Bey was in the midst of a divorce from her ex-husband , the two were in the process of splitting assets and deciding custody for the children. The two had grown apart over the years and knew it was best if they called it quits.


"It's not easy to let go of someone, especially a husband or a wife, because you expect to be with them for the rest of your life, you planned to. So, when you come to that realization that you just are not going to be together, it sucks!" - Emerald


Emerald say's it was hard to commit professionally at that time, she says her ex-husband was her bestfriend. It was after the recovery from her divorce that Wilson-Bey first launched her first company.


"I think my ex-husband began another serious relationship first after our divorce was final, I can't recall, but I remember being freed by that. I got up one morning and I decided I was going to start The Wilson-Bey Group." - Emerald


With her business plan in hand, the budding businesswoman set out to create what would go on to become an enigma, of multiple brands and services to date.


"I started really dating after that, and it was kind of strange, I felt like two people. On one end I was this businesswoman and I thought I should be dating businessmen. But yet I had this neighbor that was always helping me in some way, if I pulled up to my house with groceries then he would come out of his house to bring them in, or if I needed something hung on the wall he would come and hang it, his mom who lived nearby even became my babysitter. So, he was kind of always around. And we made out for the first time one day and it was amazing." - Emerald


As the business progressed, Emerald progressed.


"My hobbies started changing, I started buying boats, I'm mixing with really, really, high echelon people, my clients were mad rich, my aspirations are changing really fast, I'm evolving very quickly at that time." - Emerald


The neighbor and Emerald continued to balance between a serious relationship at times, to a friend’s with benefits relationship, to a handyman friendship for just shy of five years.

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"He was my safety net, he was always home, so when I was home, I could count on him being there. We didn't live together but it was like we did, our contrast in career and lifestyle gave me an "on-demand" capability with him, yet in his words, "my dreams kept getting bigger and bigger" , and he always felt it was a matter of time before I out grew him." - Emerald

And he was right, right at the five-year mark, Emerald announced that she was moving away to another state. It was the first real goodbye the two had ever faced.


"It was like a second divorce, I was so lonely, and I felt afraid to meet anyone. That was a really lonely time." - Emerald


By 2014, Emerald met Bravo's Shahs of Sunset star Mike Shouhed. Both being in the real estate field at the time and both being equally ambitious, it was easy to connect.


"I was super vulnerable back then, here was someone that had the edge I like in a man, but also was suitable for my career. He had the same hunger and desire to be successful, the same unstoppable, relentless mentality as a doer that I have. And I had not met that before in someone. I admit, yes, totally, I was totally open to whatever he wanted to do. I was impressed with him as a person, both inside and out." - Emerald


It was a few months in when Emerald finds out that Shouhed is in a relationship when fans begin to send video clips and screenshots to her.


"When that came out, he did meet with me to discuss it and I appreciated that. But it was over, it was done. I did not want to be tied to this triangle by trying to keep something going with him. He never disrespected me or said anything negative about me or towards me when all the drama was going on with the press, even when I released my book and we talked about that, he never tried to manipulate anything or lie about anything, the guys a gentleman through and through, he was a cheater but he was a gentleman, if that makes sense. So it was easy to move on and leave it in the past. Though a month ago something he had said to me back in the day came up, it was like a sign or something, and it just reminded me of how much of a positive person he is, I actually ended up going to his Twitter or Facebook, one of them, and I liked a couple pictures, it was nothing, just a moment of positivity." - Emerald


After kissing a few more frogs, Emerald met her youngest child's father.


"He and I were super compatible at that time, we are both Cancers, we literally enjoy the exact same things, I'm talking tv, music, culture, reading, he's a professional, he was easily adaptable to my business stuff, we both enjoyed ghost hunting, that was a huge plus. Didn't work out! He was still very much attached to the placenta, did I just say that-------- he's going to kill me. How can I say this, he did not have the type of control over his life that I felt he needed to have in order to be with me. And that created a constant tug of war in our relationship, over who was going to have control over him. But he did give me something that I desperately wanted, he charted with me, basil temperature, cycle recordings, he was totally committed and that was to giving me my youngest child. So I will always be grateful to him for that." - Emerald

When asked what her romance or dating goals were these days, she bubbled in excitement.


"I have finally figured out what I want, and though I'm sure that will change over time, for now, I have it figured out and I'm with someone that fits that. We don't do the social media stuff, we don't even do titles, we don't even go to each other's homes yet do to Covid-19, we are determined to keep things super private and slowly see where things go." - Emerald


When asked how these experiences have influenced Open-Bed.com and the former Pot Head Love (PHL) dating sites?


"I realize that people have different stages of desires, of intimacy, of romance, of overall expectations of "entertainment" from another person. And I wanted to create a site, where they did not have to be ashamed of that, where there would be someone waiting for them, all awhile." - Emerald


The site goes live on December 1, 2020 at midnight. And if you signup, then you also stand a chance to win a share of $20,000 cash being divided between 40 randomly selected users at 8pm PCT. What's the catch? You have to have completed your user profile entirely, and have added an image to your user profile and be logged in at 8pm PCT.


The site also has monthly contests that you can join online and win additional cash and prizes year round. You may even run into some of your favorite porn stars and influencers of the adult genre, as many are said to be involved with Open-Bed.com and have signed up as affiliates and contractors.


So, if you have any reservations about the foundation of the site and the sites intentions, I think that has been answered here. Where better to look for your “personal stage of desire” than Open-Bed.com

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