Christmas Presents



Well, here we are facing another awkward holiday, as we try to figure out something to do that is safe because of the ever looming Coronavirus. And even though it's been months since the onset of the pandemic, we highly recommend you stay on guard just like the first day. To keep you and your family safe and healthy. So we put together a few things you can do this holiday with your family that won't put your health at risk. Just make sure you wear a mask, and use your sanitizer often.

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Christmas Tree Cookies


Donation Boxes

Gift Giving

While most church services and locales are still closed to the public per state and local ordinances, you can still spend an hour with your family and have worship at home. No matter your denominations, being thankful should be in everyone's heart right now, don't be shy, let your God know!

Break out the dough! Baking is a great activity, and a tasty one. Piling in the kitchen and sharing tasks to create all your family's favorite treats!

Creating a fun way to exchange gifts this year can be fun, as a family you can place 800 numbers to various charities in a bag and shake it up, pickout one together and call together and make a donation in your family's name. A legacy for a lifetime too. Or you can donate safely the traditional way, by doing an early 'spring cleaning' and dropping some things off that your family doesn't need anymore.

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